Why Consider Theraplex SA Facial Peels

With Theraplex SA Facial Peels, you are guaranteed to leave our office feeling fresher and younger than ever. The chemical peels work to achieve real, visible results, and is the gentlest peel in its family.
Theraplex SA Facial Peels are particularly recommended for patients seeking to reverse the effects of the sun’s damaging rays. Skin tissue that is dead, uneven, and multi-toned will be thoroughly removed and replaced with underlying younger, glowing skin. The salicylic acid used in the composition of the peel is lipid soluble, making it preferable for oily skin types and allowing the solution to more notably exfoliate the pores of the skin.


Theraplex SA Facial Peels may be recommended to patients looking to:
Decrease the prominence of deep-set facial wrinkles.
Even the skin’s rough texture and multi-pigmented tone.
Eliminate acne scaring and decrease current acne.
Decrease impact of melasma, or skin discoloration.
Achieve overall healthier looking skin.
Decrease appearance of oily skin.
Because the peel is highly versatile, it is recommended to patients of nearly any age, skin tone, and skin type.

How the Facial Peel Works

Theraplex SA Facial Peels are intended to lead the patient to essentially shed the top layer of their skin- revealing newer, healthier, and younger looking skin to replace the aged and damaged skin that is removed. In this way, we are able to guide patients to smoother, clearer skin while simultaneously eliminating dead skin that has been harboring toxins and bacteria. The Theraplex SA Facial Peel is gentle and safe, shedding dead skin with no damage to the deeper layers of the epidermis and with minimal irritation when compared to other chemical peels offered.

When Will You See Results

The minimally invasive Theraplex SA Facial Peel, which is offered at our Tucson, Arizona office, is completed within 15 minutes, after which time patients will see almost immediate, positive results. The skin may continue to minimally peel for up to two days after the treatment, which is completely normal. It is further recommended that patients avoid direct sun exposure for a few days after receiving a Theraplex SA Facial Peel.

Recovery After Theraplex SA Facial Peels

Patients can return to work directly after their appointment, and can rest assured that redness, irritation, and stinging may be present but is very minimal following the treatment. In all, such redness lasts only up to 12 hours, after which time patients can more comfortably resume their average activity and normal schedule. Flaking and dryness may also result, but their extent and duration are entirely dependent on the individual patient’s particular skin type and sensitivity.

Why Visit Us for Facial Peels

When done correctly, facial peels have the potential to be highly effective and heed amazing results. Patients leave our office time and time again feeling fully satisfied with their treatment and with their newer, younger looking skin– and you can be next. Call us today at (520) 838-0777 to schedule your consultation appointment to see if a chemical facial peel is the right option for you.

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