Do you suffer from unsightly red and/or brown spots on the skin? Dr. Dyson and her team of skincare experts are here to help you achieve long-lasting, clear skin. In the hands of Dr. Senait Dyson, founder of Dyson Dermatology in Tucson, AZ, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best treatment for your skin. Among the latest in skin discoloration treatment technology, our Forever Young BBL™ laser therapy will help you greatly reduce the appearance of unwanted red and brown spots to reveal a smoother, softer, more even complexion.

Laser Skin Treatment by Dr. Dyson

As an award-winning professor, board-certified dermatopathologist and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Dyson is uniquely qualified to give you the results you want. Her interest in the research and advancement in the field of dermatology has driven her to author numerous publications in scientific journals as she continues to stay up to date in the latest trends and techniques in the field. She is proud to offer her patients the Forever Young BBL treatment.

Dr. Dyson’s passion for helping her patients regain confidence through clear skin is what drives her to offer the latest and most effective treatments in the field of dermatology. With over 15 years of experience in clinical dermatology, Dr. Dyson is the best choice for anyone suffering from a wide range of skin ailments and conditions. As with any treatment performed at our office, Dr. Dyson will work directly with you to understand your goals in order to create a plan that best conforms with your lifestyle.

Forever Young BBL™ in Tucson, AZ

The Forever Young BBL™ treatment by Dyson Dermatology works above the skin’s surface to reach deep into the skin molecules, thereby reducing the appearance of blemishes and surface spots. Through the delivery of infrared light beams targeted at the damaged skin, our experts will improve the pigmentation, texture, and overall look of the skin cells. This quick and painless procedure sends wavelengths of broad band light frequencies directly to the cells of the epidermis, renewing the skin from within by stimulating its natural healing process and encouraging the production of collagen.

Consultation with Expert Dr. Dyson

At Dyson Dermatology, we tailor every aspect of the therapy to each individual patient. The Forever Young BBL™ therapy works with all skin types. A 30-minute treatment at our Tucson, AZ, office will leave you with a noticeable reduction in red and brown spots, revealing the even, natural tone of your healthy skin.

Dr. Dyson and her expert team at Dyson Dermatology in Tucson are happy to offer patients the advanced, effective option of Forever Young BBL to dramatically reduce the appearance of red and brown spots. If you feel you can benefit from this procedure, or want to learn more about what it entails, we encourage you schedule an initial consultation.

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