How Sculptra Works

A Sculptra treatment administered by Dr. Senait Dyson works to replace collagen that has been naturally lost with aging. Essentially, Sculptra fills in wrinkles that have become deeply set, reproducing a more fresh and youthful look. The process works as a sequence of injections, the number of which will be pre-determined by Dr. Dyson in accordance with skin type and thickness. Typically, patients require about three injections over the course of a few months.
Sculptra is unique as it gradually and tactfully corrects facial wrinkles and produces lasting results. If carefully employed and properly cared for, the effects of a Sculptra treatment by Dr. Dyson can last for over two years.

Candidates for Sculptra

Sculptra is recommended for patients who:
Have lost and want to replace substantial volume in their face.
Want to fill in the appearance of hollow eyes or sunken cheeks.
Do not want others to easily detect that they have undergone anti-aging treatment.
Are understanding and patient with the process, and who trust that the effects will gradually materialize.

What to Expect From a Sculptra Treatment

Dr. Dyson, one of the most renowned and accredited dermatologists in the Tucson, Arizona area, will fully explain to you the implications of your Sculptra treatment before you embark on your anti-aging journey. As previously suggested, patients who undergo Sculptra treatment must be aware that results are not immediate, but instead progress gradually and naturally. Initial results are typically visible one month following the first injection, in part due to the nature of the treatment as a solution to re-stimulate your natural collagen growth.

Recovery After Sculptra

A Sculptra procedure performed by Dr. Dyson can remain effective for up to two years after treatment. Still, swelling, redness, and numbness may occur in the face in the initial hours after the injections are administered. Besides these minor symptoms, the road to recovery involves minimal downtime. Patients are able to resume their normal level of activity as soon as they feel comfortable with the amount of visible swelling and redness.

Possible Side Effects

Generally, Sculptra is relatively well-received by the patient’s body. Besides the anticipated side effects of minor swelling and redness, possible side effects include:
Bruising, lumpiness, or a firm texture surrounding the site of the injection.
Pain or itching around the affected areas.
The gradual development of miniscule bumps located beneath the skin that can be felt when touching the site of injection.
The formation of a granuloma, an inflammatory nodule that can require further medical assistance.

Why Patients Choose Dr. Dyson for Sculptra Treatments

It is no wonder why patients repeatedly seek the professional services of Dr. Senait Dyson, a leading physician in the Tucson, AZ area. With her extensive experience in the field of medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Dyson ensures that she brings precision and mindful attention to the table each time she treats a patient.

When choosing a doctor to administer Sculptra injections, it is important to trust that they are honest and have your undivided interest in the forefront of the venture. Dr. Dyson understands that the process of opting in for a Sculptra treatment can be difficult and complicated. It is for this reason that she makes choosing the correct doctor the easiest part of the process. As always, Dr. Dyson will guide you and explain all aspects of the procedure every step of the way, from the initial consultation visit, to the particular sequence of Sculptra treatments hand-picked to be continually administered. Contact Dr. Dyson today for more information about Sculptra!

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