How Vitalize Peels Work

A Vitalize Peel treatment can refine and smooth wrinkles, fine lines, roughness, and spotting concentrated around facial skin. Vitalize Peels are the most popular peel when looking to correct such imperfections, and rightfully so. The chemical peel is composed of a proportionate, precise mixture of ingredients, including resorcinol, retinoic, lactic, and salicyclic acid, each intended to rejuvenate the natural appearance of the skin and subtract years off the face. Once performed, you will notice significant smoothening in your skin’s texture and tone through a process that is skin-friendly and medically beneficial. The peel essentially exfoliates the skin, restricting collagen tissue and diminishing the size of the skin’s pores to look healthier and more youthful. Besides simply improving the look and feel of the skin, vitalize peels stimulate natural collagen production, diminish the prevalence of acne, and improve pigmentation to make skin color appear more even and polished.

Candidates for Vitalize Peels

Vitalize Peels are most often recommended to patients who:
Have significant, deeply defined acne scars.
Have age spots or minor skin discoloration.
Wish to restore an even skin tone.
Have fine lines or wrinkles they are hoping to smoothen.
In addition, patients with more serious conditions including melasma and severe facial scarring localized under the epidermal layer of the skin are also viable candidates for a Vitalize Peel which is offered at our practice.

What to Expect After a Vitalize Peel

A Vitalize Peel treatment typically takes between 20-40 minutes. During this time, patients usually report feeling a mild tingling sensation on their skin, which will fully subside within three days of receiving the peel.

Recovery After Vitalize Peel

Once complete, a Vitalize Peel virtually no downtime and patients can resume their normal level of activity immediately after the procedure. The skin will continue to peel as expected for up to three days following a Vitalize Peel, which is completely normal and is entirely dependent on the size of the area treated and the individual patient’s skin type

How Long Do Results Last

The results of a Vitalize Peel are visible after just a single treatment. Still, we will evaluate the number of Vitalize Peels that will most effectively rejuvenate the face on a patient-to-patient basis, according to skin type and reaction to the peel. On average, patients undergo anywhere from three to six Vitalize Peel procedures over the course of a month. The effectiveness of the treatment is also determined on a case-by-case evaluation, depending on the patient’s level of activity and lifestyle. Typically, positive results last patients years and are most effective when patients actively avoid heavy exposure to sunlight.

Why Patients Visit Us for Vitalize Peels

If you are looking to get a Vitalize Peel professionally done, contact our practice, located in Tucson, Arizona. Patients are constantly returning to seek our expert opinion and experience. We will take extra care to ensure that results are long lasting and upheld to the highest standard, rejuvenating your skin as naturally and painlessly as possible.

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