What is Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is generally employed to rid patient’s skin of fine, localized vellus hair, more commonly known as “peach fuzz.” The process of Dermaplaning includes a manual exfoliation process, during which time we will physically remove overlying, dead skin.
The procedure involves shaving the outer layer of the skin, and is administered quickly and effectively with minimal possibility for complications. A Dermaplaning treatment will gently scrape the surface of the skin in repeated short, delicate motions, eliminating the facial hair in a process similar to shaving. Recently, Dermaplaning has become the secret to many celebrities’ natural, healthy looking skin as it is able to restore a vibrant glow through means that are completely safe and efficient.

Reasons for Choosing Dermaplaning

Many patients who opt in for a Dermaplaning procedure do so as an alternative to receiving a chemical peel. Specifically, women who are pregnant often chose to undergo Dermaplaning as a means through which to attain the same effects of deep exfoliation achieved through a peel, but without the added health risk imposed by the chemicals involved in the peel.

In addition, patients with an excess amount of facial vellus hair often chose to have it shaved off using Dermaplaning techniques, as superfluous peach fuzz can harbor oil and dirt that affect the appearance of the skin. Overall, Dermaplaning is effective for all skin colors and skin types and is a virtually painless solution to getting rid of irritating facial hair that is hindering the skin’s ability to be smooth and radiant.

How It Works

As previously alluded, Dermaplaning can be most closely compared to shaving, as each process involves using a sharp object to gently and regularly eliminate hair. We will carefully and repeatedly employ the scalpel in moderate, gentle motions to essentially scrape the unwanted hair off the face.

Moreover, specific benefits of choosing a Dermaplaning procedure in the comfortable, inviting atmosphere of our Tucson, AZ dermatological office include:
Eliminating dead skin or peach fuzz from the surface of the epidermis.
Stimulating the body’s natural blood circulation to the face.
Smoothening deep-set wrinkles and fine lines.
Boosting elasticity of the skin and equalizing its texture.
Decreasing the appearance of large facial pores.

When Will You See Results

Because Dermaplaning is considered to be a relatively easy yet effective procedure, results will be apparent immediately following your session with us. Right after the treatment, you will be able to notice visible results and a smoother, more youthful texture of the skin. The process involves no down time, but it is highly recommended for patients to repeatedly and thoroughly apply sunscreen before stepping outside in order to eliminate the possibility of hyperpigmentation.

It is generally recommended that Dermaplaning be repeated on a near-monthly basis to ensure that unwanted facial hair continues to be removed. And, despite popular belief that shaving makes hair grow back darker and thicker, Dermaplaning does not actually affect the texture of future hair growth- facial hair will continue to grow in the same color and with the same texture as before starting treatment.

Why Visit Us for a Dermaplaning Treatment

We are gentle and patient when conducting Dermaplaning treatments on each of our patients. In this treatment, attention to detail is particularly important, as a misguided movement of the scalpel can warrant unwanted results. Fortunately, we are highly trained and is a leading professional in the field, and has successfully treated many patients looking to eliminate facial hair to date. We treat each patient with utmost care and precision, and are happy to answer all related questions and concerns before moving forward with any Dermaplaning treatment. Contact us at our office today to learn more about how a Dermaplaning treatment can help you.

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